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    Kurt Russell on George Lucas and Walt Disney

    The 'Grindhouse' star talks Lucas, Disney and "Snake Plissken"

    I've had a career of making all kinds of movies. For us, the process is always the same: You create something that you think an audience is going to have a great time with. I had a conversation with George Lucas once, and he said, I don't think I trust anybody over 14. They become not jaded but contaminated. They begin to have an opinion. I'm paraphrasing. But I had conversations with Walt Disney a thousand years earlier in the same vein. I'm of that belief too.
    Russell stars in Quentin Tarantino's 'Death Proof', the second half of the double feature, 'Grindhouse' from Dimension Films. The film opened Friday in fourth place with just over $5 million on 2,624 screens. The 191 minute running time and R-rating were expected to create obstacles to the film's box office potential. 'Blades of Glory' and 'Meet The Robinsons' maintained their number one and two positions. 'Blades', on 3,410 screens, skated to a cool $9 million and passed the $54 million mark. 'Meet The Robinsons' added another $7 million to it's $42 million plus total on 3,435 screens.

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    Re: Kurt Russell on George Lucas and Walt Disney

    a thousand years earlier... thats crazy! I wonder if Kurt can talk to Walt now?
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