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    Movie Lines that Drive you Crazy

    Friday night I had the chance to watch whatever I wanted on TV (never happens) and for some bizarre reason I chose was starting, seemed like a good idea. We all know the story, house built on dead people, "They're Here", next day kids in bed, thunder storm, Tree grabs brother and then CarolAnn gets sucked into the closet.

    Why is it when the paranormal doctor lady asks CarolAnns Mom where she was playing when she disappeared (and literally screams WHERE WAS SHE PLAYING), and the Mom answers she was playing in the closet.

    Ummm....She was sleeping in BED. Drives me completely crazy, I literally screamed at the TV (hubby wasn't impressed).

    Ok so who else has a movie line that actually contridicts itself within the movie?

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    Re: Movie Lines that Drive you Crazy

    that last line in the new pride and prejudice movie....where Kiera (I refuse to acknowledge her as Elizabeth) tells Darcy that he can call her "your majesty" or whatever....watching the whole movie made me mad, cause it was SO far from the book....but, that line, that line had me screaming at the tv. Elizabeth would have NEVER said that. She was NOT vain, she was NOT haughty. She would NEVER be that conceited.

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