Hong Kong Disneyland to receive 25,000 tourists a day - 6/10/05

The Hong Kong Disneyland is scheduled to open for business on September 12, 2005. In the early period after its opening, it will at most accommodate 23,000-25,000 tourists a day. Two-thirds of the admission tickets will be rationed out to travel services, and the remaining one-third (about 8,000 tickets) is to be sold publicly. At present, Hong Kong citizens can book four admission tickets at most through checking in Disney hotel rooms.

Sources say, in order to satisfy citizens' current demand for going to the Disneyland, the Disneyland has commissioned 7-11 chain stores to sell 8,000 tickets for public. Later the citizens need only buy exchange certificates at the chain stores, with which they can go to the Hong Kong Disneyland to get the formal tickets.