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you keep saying Jack took a coin with the correct blood.......Will had NOT added his blood to the chest until AFTER Jack became a ghost pirate. PLease watch the movie again if you are unsure of this.....Will does not return the coin until Jack shoots Barbossa..then, Will cuts his hand and drops the coin into the chest. Jack becomes a ghost pirate BEFORE the coin is returned with the correct blood. No difference in what he did and Elisabeth did, yet, he becomes a ghost pirate.
Capn Jack steals a coin from the chest (while doing his slight of hand),
Jack cuts himself to bleed on the coin he took from the chest.
Capn Jack tosses the coin to Will Turner, who cuts himself and
bleeds on the coin his father stole. Will drops both Capn Jack's
stolen coin and Bootstrap Bills stolen coin into the chest, and the
curse is lifted.

Elizabeth doesn't steal a coin from the chest, she took it from
Will who received it from Bootstrap Bill who stole it from the
Aztec chest. Elizabeth only retrieved it from the ground,
next to the Aztec chest. The coin stolen by Bootstrap Bill
specifically needed the curse lifted by the Blood of Bootstrap
Bill or a blood descendent of Bootstap Bill

As for Jack the Monkey, the curse WAS lifted from the monkey,
and all of Barbossa's crew, Barbossa, and Capn Jack at that
moment when Bootstrap Bill's and Capn Jack's bloodied coins
were returned to the chest by William Turner. (Barbossa,
Jack the Monkey, and all the rest of the crew had returned
their own bloodied coins previously. Only the coin stolen
by Bootstrap Bill with blood of Bill or Will would have been necessary
to lift the curse, as that was the last stolen coin to be returned
with acceptable blood.........until Capn Jack stole a coin from the
Chest. Then Capn Jack coin, with his blood were also needed to
lift the curse of all currently cursed, in addition to Bootstraps
bloodied return coin.

Jack the Monkey Got the curse a 2nd time, when he stole a coin
from the aztec chest at the end of the 1st movie. Someone
stated that the curse stayed with Jack the Monkey ~ THAT was
incorrect ~ Jack the Monkey, was free from the curse, when
Jack and Bootstraps bloodied coins were returned to the chest.
Jack the Monkey got the curse a 2nd time, after all the credits
of the 1st movie.