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    Honolulu, HI
    At this moment in time, 'Son of Man' from Tarzan.

    ALIASd- I love 'I Won't Say (I'm in Love)'

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    Part of Your World.

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    "prince ali" from aladdin
    the mome raths song from alice in wonderland
    pretty much any phil collins song
    "be our guest" from beauty & the beast

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    Whittier, California (just a half-hour from Disneyland)
    Colors of the Wind- Pocahontas
    Savages- Pocahontas
    Part of Your World- The Little Mermaid
    Hellfire- The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    Out There- The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Lots of great Disney songs but those are the ones that that come to mind...
    Passive-Aggressive Peanut Butter Sandwich. x_x

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    So so many to choose from!!!

    A Whole New World
    Under The Sea
    Hakuna Matata
    I Just Can't Wait To Be King
    Kiss The Girl
    The ENTIRE Lilo & Stitch soundtrack

    Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ

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    part of that world
    So this is love
    a hole new world

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    Colors of the Wind - Pocahontas
    I Just Can't Wait To Be King - Lion King
    Quote Originally Posted by drunkmom
    this is my first buzzed post in the DMCA -- I'm really in this club because I'm a bitch more than anything. I've only had to hit the backspace 4 (oops, make that 5) times in (now 7) in this (now 9) (now 15) in this post! Damn, now I'm up to 18! Our neighbors were (19) (20) making tequilla sunrises. I thought I couldn't do tequilla (22) anymore but (24) this stuff (26) was good! It started (27) with an s

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    Reflections of Earth from the Illuminations show. Wow...

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    Click on my signature and hear it...
    "Yesterday, a man walked up to me and said, 'Isn't it a shame that Walt Disney couldn't be here to see this?' and I said, "He did see this, that's why it's here."
    -Art Linkletter July 17, 2005-

    When you wish upon a star your dreams come true.

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    "Part Of Your World" - The Little Mermaid (also my fave song ever!)
    "I Wanna Be Like You" - The Jungle Book
    "When I See An Elephant Fly" - Dumbo
    "Gaston" - Beauty and the Beast
    "The Phony King Of England" - Robin Hood
    "Painting the Roses Red", "Very Good Advice", & "The Unbirthday Song" - Alice In Wonderland
    "Look Through My Eyes" - Brother Bear
    "Feed The Birds" - Mary Poppins
    "Once Upon A Dream" - Sleeping Beauty
    and "it's a small world"

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    I think Hunchback has a fantastic score, but no song really stuck out for me. I think my favorite one is Circle of Life

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    Gaston is pretty cool!

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    Once Upon a Dream (Sleeping Beauty Waltz)
    When You Wish Upon a Star
    Feed the Birds
    The Wonderful World of Color
    The Monkey's Uncle
    Let's Get Together
    Second Star to the Right
    Someday My Prince Will Come
    I've Got No Strings
    Baby Mine
    You Belong to My Heart
    He's a Tramp
    In a World of My Own
    All in the Golden Afternoon
    A Very Merry Unbirthday
    Twas brillig
    March of the Cards
    March of the Toys
    Castle in Spain
    I Can't Do the Sum
    Just a Whisper Away
    Hail to the Princess Aurora
    Enjoy It
    On the Front Porch
    Are We Dancing
    The Bare Necessities
    I Wanna Be Like You
    Herbie Theme
    My Heart is an Island
    Blame it On the Samba
    Blue Shadows on the Trail
    Sooner or Later
    All I Want
    Let the Rain Pour Down
    Minnie's Yoo Hoo
    Mickey Mouse Club March
    How Will I Know My Love?
    One Song
    A Most Befuddling Thing
    Heffalumps and Woozles
    Everybody Wants to be a Cat
    Subsitutiary Locomotion
    The Life I Lead
    The Workshop Song
    The Work Song (Cinderelly)
    So This is Love
    Bella Notte
    That Darn Cat!
    The Seven Moons of Beta Lire
    Watch Your Footwork
    When I See an Elephant Fly
    Casey Jr.
    Grim Grinning Ghosts
    Miracles from Molecules
    Pecos Bill
    Mr. Piano Man
    Pineapple Princess
    It's Not Easy
    Prince Ali
    beauty and the Beast
    A Whole New World
    Under the Sea
    On the Trail
    For Now, For Always
    In the Bag (Humphrey Hop)
    From All of Us to All of You
    We're the Mouseketeers
    Talent Round-Up Day
    Davy Crockett
    A Whale of a Tale
    A Strummin' Song
    Dreamin' About You
    Merlin Jones
    The Girls of San Francisco
    Yo Ho, A Pirates Life
    Os Candence de Iaia
    Shortnin' Bread
    Hi Diddle Dee Dee
    I'm Wishing
    I Wonder
    A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes
    In My Favorite Dream
    Dream Boy
    Boogie Woogie Bakery Man
    Kiss the Girl
    The Moon Spinners
    Ugly Bug Ball
    Old Yeller
    He's Gonna Make It
    The Computer Wore tennis Shoes
    Sweet Surrender
    These are the Best Times
    Cruella DeVil
    Oh Sing Sweet Nightingale
    The Beautiful Briny Sea
    Chim Chim Cher-ee
    it's a small world
    Love is a Song
    I Bring You a Song
    The Three Caballeros
    Lavender Blue
    la La Lu
    Luau Cha Cha Cha
    The Perfect Nanny
    Trick or Treat
    The Tiki Tiki tiki Room
    Hawaiian War Chant
    Der Fuhrer's Face
    The Lord is Good to Me
    Medfield Fight Song
    Sister Suffragette
    My Own Home
    Ten Feet Off the GRound
    Bout Time
    Candle on the Water
    The Merrily Song
    You Can Fly
    Pretty Irish Girl
    Climb the Mountain
    Song a Smiling Song
    Love Theme from Sleeping Beauty (Lilac Fairy Theme)
    A Spoonful of Sugar
    Rumbly in My Tumbly
    It's a Great big Beautiful Tomorrow
    The Aristocats
    Joie de Vivre
    The Parent Trap!
    Mad Madam Mim
    Little Toot
    Bumble Boogie
    All the Cats Join In
    Lazy Countryside
    It Won't be Long Til Christmas
    I'm Late
    The Sleeping Beauty Song
    Sing a Smiling Song
    Playful Melody
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    New York
    Mark me down for "Under the Sea". Although it was real tough trying to be a cool 19 year old, with all your buddies listening to Metallica, and me cranking up the Little Mermaid Soundtrack in the car!!
    Dragon? Dragon! I swear I saw a Dragon!

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    MerlinJones I believe that's cheating - I love it

    I have to go with a tune from Nightmare B4 Xmas - "What's This" I just love that song!!! Second favorite would be "Spoonful of Sugar".

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