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    The Wuzzles was the first disney cartoon I ever watched =D

    Gonna have to go with Rescue Rangers though.

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    I'm partial to the Disney Afternoon days...come home at 3:00, start with Gummi Bears and work my way through each "new" Disney show. Here's my list:

    Adventures of the Gummi Bears (Fond memories of Saturday morning and coming home from school with them on)
    Disney's Aladdin (One of the last great shows to come from Disney's TV animation)
    Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers (I still crack up upon hearing the word "brie" thanks to Monterey Jack...Brie '86, lol)
    Darkwing Duck (Hated it at first, but it really grew on me. "But Stinky, there really are cannibals...", classic!)
    Ducktales (Hands down my favorite Disney TV animated show)
    Goof Troop (I used to have laughing fits over the Goof's behavior. And then add in straightman Pete and I couldn't breathe most of the time from laughing)
    Talespin (Don Karnage is one of my favorite characters, "Dees ist Don Karn-nage speaking to joo in my voice")

    So I guess Disney has dismissed its glorious history and hasn't released any of these shows on DVD or play any of them on their channels. It's sad because these shows are not only a big part of my life from 1986 to 1995, they shaped me into the person I am today because they really are highly influential to little kids. I guess you guys can see these shows' influence in my quotes that I left for some of the shows. Even after 15 years I still remember every episode of each of those shows listed!
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    Little Mermaid show was really good. I used to get up at 7 am on Saturday mornings as a kid just to watch it.

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    I love Gummi Bears (have an MP3 of the Brown Derbies, an acapella groups singing the theme song)

    Also Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, and Kim Possible.
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    Tale Spin
    Quack Pack
    Goof Troop
    Chip & Dale
    Gummi Bears
    Pepper Ann
    House of Mouse
    Kim Possible
    Rolie Polie Olie

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    Goof Troop, DW, Ducktales, Gummi Bears, Quack Pack

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    Gummi Bears
    Good Morning Mickey*
    Donald Duck Presents*
    Quack Attack*
    Mouse Tracks*
    Goof Troop
    Raw Toonage (included Marsupilami and Bonkers)

    *=Not exactly a series but had the classics.
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    Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles and Kim Possible because it's the first cheerleader I've ever seen portrayed in a good light!

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by sir clinksalot
    It's all about the old school Disney Channel:

    Gummi Bears
    Chip N' Dale

    The Disney Afternoon shows were all better than the newer cartoons they show now, but I am surprized by the lack of love shown to Dave the Barbarian. I think it is the most consistently funny of the new Disney animated shows. Even the theme song is hilarious.
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