I think it's interesting to see the things people are nostalgiac about. A lot of you mentioned shows that came after my childhood that I found unwatchable as "classic".

It's important for Disney to produce new shows that will keep modern kids interested in watching Disney stuff, but it would be nice if they mixed in some of the Vault Disney material with the modern stuff, just to give kids more of a chance of actually seeing what Walt Disney was all about.

I agree that some of the new shows are absolute garbage and that non-Disney stuff like Power Rangers shouldn't be contaminating the Disney image, but during all Disney eras, there was a lot of harmless fluff produced. I don't know enough about the current crop of Disney shows, but I know people are complaining that the new Herbie movie is terrible without remembering that the old ones weren't exactly masterpieces either.

I think the one thing I would change is the elimination of all cynical, "smartass" programming. Cynicism and irony are the cheap way out and whenever you produce garbage you can claim some meta-nonsense about how it's "supposed" be crap and that's part of the joke. Walt understood that and Pixar understands that. I don't think it's any coincidence that Finding Nemo was a huge hit and I'd have trouble naming many Disney cartoons since Lion King.

Teenagers cracking wise to the camera is unacceptable for the Disney Channel. I'm not saying there isn't a place for it. Warner Bros. cartoons were produced concurrently with Disney cartoons, and many of them are fantastic, but they are fundamentally different from Disney and to muddle Daffy and Donald is to show a lack of understanding of the Disney name.

I especially find cynicism annoying in programming for little kids. While skepticism is healthy, little kids don't know enough to be cynical yet. Check out the old Walt shows where he explains matter-of-factly how we're going to get to the Moon and Mars and such. Hope is important and kids need a lot of it these days.

They don't need to be told that everything sucks. Maybe it does and maybe it will, but how are things ever going to change if we don't even give the next generation of dreamers the chance to dream?

Well, I'm sort of all over the map on this one, but I just wanted to say that I think the problem is not just the lack of Davy Crockett (which is inexcusable) but a very basic problem with much of the new content.