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    WDW Hotels are smoke free starting June 1st

    WDW Hotels are smoke free starting June 1st

    May 1, 2007

    It was announced today that as of June 1st, smoking indoors of all 20 Disney owned hotel properties at Walt Disney World will be banned. This includes Disney owned, operated, and vacation club properties. Smoking will be allowed in designated outdoor areas only. The policy is already implemented at Disney's hotels in California to much success. Management sees this as complementing their "healthy living options" initiatives that are being requested by guests.

    For more info on this story visit the Orlando Sentinel
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    Re: WDW Hotels are smoke free starting June 1st

    It's about time.

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    Red Face Re: WDW Hotels are smoke free starting June 1st

    Yes I smoke. No, I don't want to offend those who don't so I would also encourage WDW to make a place for smokers that doesn't include the entry way to the main lobby at resorts. That never made any sense to me. You see this at Port Orleans.
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    Re: WDW Hotels are smoke free starting June 1st

    The problem is once that smoke gets into an air conditioner, that smell stays. Unless Disney is going to replace each room's system, I think it would be misleading to just "label" a room as Non-smoking when it used to be a smoking room. I hope that they are doing the right thing and replace every soft fabric in the room as well as the air handler to completely qualify as a smoke-free room.
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    Re: WDW Hotels are smoke free starting June 1st

    I don't smoke, but does that include balconies?

    ETA: Last time we were there, I don't recall the hotel smelling anything of smoke. I would think it would be a non-issue with the ventilation system.

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