Disney operator did golf deal with rightist -6/17/05

Oriental Land Co. admitted Friday that it had invested more than 30 million yen in two firms connected with an executive of a rightist group for the development of golf courses in Chiba Prefecture--the second revelation about the dubious connections between the Tokyo Disneyland operator and the rightist.

At a press conference held Friday evening, Oriental Land President Toshio Kagami admitted the connection and said he would take a one-month salary cut, while all 20 other executives would take a pay cut of 5 percent to 10 percent for a month over the matter.

In 1988, Chiba Kaihatsu acquired Shisui Kaihatsu, the main developer of the golf courses at the time, and became involved in the project. After the merger, Shiga's eldest son and brother became executives of Shisui Kaihatsu.

At the press conference, an Oriental Land official said, "We didn't know about the connections between Mr. Shiga and Shisui Kaihatsu and Keisan Kensetsu Kogyo."