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    Pirates 3 Tomorrow!

    I read some reviews and they were better than 2, but the fan reviews are what really shouted out and said it was great. I can't wait to see it tomorrow, but the show doesn't start playing at theaters until at earliest 8 o'clock. I can not wait to see it. I hope it blows Spiderman's opening out of the water. Come on Disney Fans... see it the DAY it comes out- if you can and blow away Spiderman's numbers!!!


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    Re: Pirates 3 Tomorrow!

    I'm with you - I can't wait to see it! I've got tickets for the 8pm showing tonight, and I'm dragging some of my classmates along. It will be awesome.
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    Re: Pirates 3 Tomorrow!

    I'm going tonight as well!! Vive los pirates!

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    Re: Pirates 3 Tomorrow!

    I'm going tonight! Let's make the numbers huge. We can definitely beat Spiderman and Shrek!!

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    Re: Pirates 3 Tomorrow!

    I'll go one night next week. I don't like sitting in a crowded theatre.

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