For a few years now the Grand Performances series has been playing in Downtown Los Angeles. On Sunday June 10 from 3pm - 7:30pm they will have their season-opening block party. All Grand Performance shows are free, but do have people coming by during the show with red buckets for donations.

Dengue Fever - The band's concoction of early psychedelic garage band guitar inflections, Cambodian folk pop, R&B and James Bond-like soundtrack music will have everyone swaying and dancing to the band's way-out tunes.

Yohimbe Brothers
- New York City-based turntable/mixmaster DJ Logic and celebrated guitarist Vernon Reid will turn up the heat with their band. Crunching rock guitar hooks, hip hop beats, reggae riddims and world music collide to create some of the most adventurous sounds on the planet.

- closes the evening doing what only OZO can do - make the party not just a party, but a booty-shakin' lovefest!

Grand Performances take place at 300 - 350 S. Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. California Plaza parking is $7.50 after 5pm on weekdays and all day Saturdays and Sundays. We suggest carpooling.