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    ILM on making a maelstrom for 'Pirates' & 'Iron Man'


    Industrial Light + Magic's own process iMoCap, used to Academy Award-winning effect on 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest', led by Visual Effects Supervisor John Knoll was used again and expanded on for 'At World's End'. The creation of water on screen, including the mile and half across maelstrom, demanded even greater challenges and led to the development of new eye-popping and dazzling water techniques.

    ILM is now at work utilizing their iMoCap process on the suit for 'Iron Man' starring Robert Downey, Jr.


    Read more on this story at:
    ILM distilled 'Pirates' Water
    Developed new tools for film's VFX

    Iron Man - 9/28/06
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    Re: ILM on making a maelstrom for 'Pirates' & 'Iron Man'

    I thought the effects in POTC 3 were mindblowingly good, especially the Maelstrom stuff at the end. The boats going round and round the whirlpool fighting each other were amazing.

    Here's a story about some folks who got to visit ILM and talk to some of the effects people, it's really fascinating how much they plan stuff out. There's also some other, similar concept pictures there.

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