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    Exclamation Dream On Silly Dreamer comes to DVD

    The Dream On Silly Dreamer documentary will be available to purchase on DVD next month. The filmmakers will be at two conventions in California (see details below) to sell their film. The DVD will also be on sale on their official web site,

    Anaheim at the NFFC show: July 10

    San Diego at the Comic-Con International : July 14-17

    For those of you living in the Orlando area, "Dream On Silly Dreamer" is currently playing. The film is showing at the Downtown Media Arts Center or
    Dmac and runs from today through Saturday. More dates may be added if here is enough interest. You can visit Dmac online here.

    For more information about the film read the synopsis below and visit their web site.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dream On Silly Dreamer
    On March 25, 2002, more than 200 Disney artists working at the studio’s legendary Feature Animation Department in Burbank, were told that their services were no longer needed by the company. It took only one uncomfortable gathering with the president of Feature Animation, now dubbed “The Tom Meeting”, to kill 75 years of a beloved animated tradition. A similar series of events soon played out at Disney’s other animation studios in Paris, Tokyo and Florida. Doors were closed for good and in total nearly 1300 skilled artists and craftsmen were fired. The company, best known for it’s handcrafted animated features, no longer wanted artists to draw for them.

    DREAM ON SILLY DREAMER is the new animated documentary, from director Dan Lund and producer Tony West, that tells this tale. It features interviews recorded only seconds after the now infamous “Tom Meeting”. You will hear what was said, the reasons offered by the company and feel the emotional responses from those being affected at that moment in time. In this documentary, you will meet a handful of these artists, hear their side of the story and share in their recollections of “the good old days”.

    One of the most surprising revelations comes as we see the artists, who did nothing but give their all to the studio, question how much they may have contributed to this sad state of affairs.

    Told as a modern-day fairy tale, DREAMER pays homage to the classic Winnie The Pooh shorts. An artist’s sketch book becomes the viewer’s window into this documentary realm with original, animated vignettes helping to tell a side of the story that the world has never heard. This film will touch anyone who has ever dreamed, believed in fairy tales, wished upon a star or shared in a special Disney moment.

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    Re: Dream On Silly Dreamer comes to DVD

    Original plan has changed. There has been a slight delay with the creation of the DVD and the director and producer will no longer be attending either of the conventions listed above. I apologize for any inconvience; however, this news was current at the time of posting.

    Dream On Silly Dreamer will still be released on DVD within the next couple of months so look for updates on their official site, and here on MiceChat News.

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