Article from The Los Angeles Times - June 19, 2005
Disneyland's dark delights

Golden moments mark celebration

A pyrotechnic orgy is being unleashed nightly as the latest manifestation of the park's fireworks show, and it's an impressive one. So if you're roped into accompanying your out-of-town guests to Disneyland this summer, don't duck out early to beat the traffic. You won't want to miss this.

As Disneyland pays homage to some of its most popular attractions down through the years, fireworks are not aimed straight into the sky but at angles, so as to resemble shooting stars, a pirate cannon battle and space cruisers streaking off into the heavens. Lasers cut down enemy craft. Tongues of flame spew forth from the battlements of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

And Tinker Bell, rather than simply taking that zip line ride from the Matterhorn to Fantasyland, now breaks these static bonds by dipping low over the castle, turning in midair, hovering and, at one point, even flitting back up toward the mountain peak.

Good thing, because the argument could otherwise be made that Disneyland's anniversary party is somewhat understated.