Hope they got a deposit.

CBS takes up residence in the El Capitan

Whew, it’s been a busy couple of days over at CBS programming. First, “Jericho” gets brought back from the dead. Now, we have a new mid-season comedy, “The Captain.” The single-camera comedy stars Fran Kranz as a young writer who wins an Oscar fresh out of film school and watches his career take a fast plummet. Just when he is getting ready to move back to the Big Apple, his best friend, played by Chris Klein, convinces him to move into the Hollywood landmark, El Capitan. Six episodes have been ordered. It was created by John Hamburg, who wrote and directed "Along Came Polly," and wrote "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers."
--Maria Elena Fernandez
Los Angeles Times
June 7, 2007
(Photo by Ricardo DeAratanha / LAT)