Walt Disney World Union Accepts 3-Year Contract
June 8, 2007

The proposed three-year agreement would have included pay raises of 4 percent for many workers and health-care options for the group's approximately 21,000 members. Service Trades Council voters rejected the vote at 52% with a vote of 2,870-2,583.

Union members representing approximately one-third of Walt Disney World’s employees approved a three-year contract late Wednesday, the company said in a news statement.

This was the second vote in a month for members of the Service Trades Council, a group of six unions that together represent 21,000 full-time workers. This vote passed 3,056 to 2,676.

The first vote on May 18, voters rejected the proposed agreement at 52% with a vote of 2,870-2,583. The two sides extended their 2004 contract through June 20 to allow negotiations to continue. With this extension in place, there is no risk of strike or any other job actions.

The key points included an overall pay increase of 4 percent, which is a significant boost. The contract also adequately helps control rising health-care costs.

Original Vote : WDW and Unions extend contract 30 days.
Source: Orlando Sentinel.