Opening of HK Disneyland to be divided into 3 phases -6/22/05

Commissioner for Tourism Eva Cheng Wednesday said the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland will be divided into three phases from early August in order to ensure a smooth and well-coordinated start.

"The idea of a phased opening is to give the theme park, public transport operators and relevant departments a familiarization period to adjust their operation and services," Cheng said.

From early August to mid-August, the Disneyland Resort Line is scheduled to run between Sunny Bay and Disneyland Resort Stations. A section of the Park Promenade linked to the line will be opened.

From August to Sept. 11, all public facilities at Penny's Bay, including public roads, the Park Promenade, the Inspiration Lake Recreation Center, the Disneyland Resort Public Transport Interchange, the Disneyland car and coach parks and the Disneyland Resort Pier will begin operation. Franchised buses and taxis will also start service.