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    Disney-Ex to Produce 'Children of the Lamp'

    Given the phenomenal success of the Harry Potter franchise, we can’t figure out why nobody snapped up the film rights to P.B. Kerr’s fantasy series 'Children of the Lamp' until now…but finally DreamWorks have announced they’ll be transferring the hit fantasy fiction franchise to celluloid.
    Nina Jacobson (who oversaw 'Chronicles of Narnia', 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'Princess Diaries' films while at Walt Disney) will take on the producing role, while Lee Hall (whose body of work includes 'Billy Elliot' and 'The Wind and the Willows') will work on the screenplay.
    The 'Children of the Lamp' series (comprising three books) is about the adventures of a family of djinn (genies) who can pass themselves off as human beings, but happen to have some added value…they can also grant wishes.
    The books have so far sold over one million copies globally and the hotly anticipated fourth book in the series, 'The Day of the Djinn Warrior', will hit shelves in September.


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    Re: Disney-Ex to Produce 'Children of the Lamp'

    Why did Nina Jacobson leave Disney?

    Anyway, I am not familar with these books, but there needs to be a replacement series for Harry Potter (after 2010) and this might be it.
    Of course there is Narnia, but for a while we also had Lord of the Rings to accompany Harry Potter, just like Narnia does now.

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