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Despite the fact that the international event Gay Day has brought visitors to central Florida since 1991, a sector of the Latino community in Orlando criticized the gathering -- which kicked off gay pride month –- earlier this month.

The topic was discussed on morning radio shows like the “Stick with Miguel” which airs on Salsa 1030 AM. The “Stick” received numerous calls from listeners worried about the more than 130,000-strong gay crowd that would visit Orlando during the weekend.

Many of the questions dealt with whether the government and family entertainment groups should get involved in the event. People also asked about ways to keep children and adolescents away from the “invasion” of tourist and family areas.

Over the years, Mayor Buddy Dyer, Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios Orlando have been the objects of attacks by parents, moral groups and Christians for “permitting” the homosexual community to arrive en masse to Orlando. Their great economic and tourist contribution to the area now extends year-round, with gay-themed resorts in operation, reports the New York Times.

One parent expressed concern over what to tell the children when they arrive to enjoy a day in the Magic Kingdom and see two men or women holding hands or giving each other a kiss.

Evelyn Rivera, president of the Central Florida Parents Leadership Council told El Nuevo Día that the event should be seen as a positive educational opportunity and not as negative for children and adolescents.

“One of the ways that the average Hispanic family sins is that it does not feel comfortable talking with its children about different topics, including sex and homosexuality. Parents leave the schools in charge of this and the education should begin at home,” Rivera said.

She added that parents should take this time to have an exchange of opinions, “which is something very healthy.”