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    Sad Last original member of The Drifters found dead

    Man this has been a bad week for music fans!

    Bill Pinkney was the last of the original Drifters from the 1950's. The Drifters are a cause of confusion because of all the lineup changes over the years, especially following the replacement of the group in 1958 with the Five Crowns that featured Ben E. King. This has made it very easy for people to claim they were a member of the group and dupe people for monetary gain. There are over 15 different phony Drifters groups (those without a recording member)

    You probably don't know much about Bill. However you have heard his work. Probably the most common place you can hear him is in the soundtrack of the movie Home Alone. The Drifters' recording of "White Christmas" is featured on the soundtrack. Bill was the bass singer.
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    Re: Last original member of The Drifters found dead

    Nice remembrance, Brian. By the way, the "White Christmas" rendition is also the one heard on a popular Christmas "e-card" that's made the rounds of the Internet, including this website last year.

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