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    The strange, amazing and scary world of forgotten thrift store albums

    So i love to scavenge at the local thrift stores for albums. One caught my eye:

    particularly, the track in the lower right. The Addams Family theme? This i had to experience. Bizarre beyond words.

    I dare you to listen, and not snap your fingers along with the music.

    And then there was this:

    I want Charles in charge of me.

    And then there was the album titled "Franco and His Vagabondi". Imagine, if you will, a group of Greek lounge lizards, performing for their supper aboard an Italian cruise liner in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Bare hairy chests, with gold-tone medallions the size of hubcaps glinting in the show lights. The raging polyester. The only thing more dangerous than this music is their butterfly collars.

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    Re: The strange, amazing and scary world of forgotten thrift store albums

    Those are hilarious!! Scott Baio really can't sing!

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