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    07-10-07 Pixar Disappoints Again...NOT!

    Pixar Disappoints Again...NOT!

    By C. W. Oberleitner
    July 10, 2007

    No matter how hard they try, Wall Street short-sellers, burned by Disney’s takeover of Pixar Animation Studios, just can’t seem to turn this silk purse into a sow’s ear as the Emeryville toon studio’s colony of cuisine-crazy rodents scamper from kitchen glory to a solid performance at the box office.

    Read the full story here >>

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    Re: 07-10-07 Pixar Disappoints Again...NOT!

    Nice article, Chuck! When will the naysayers ever learn? Pixar IS Disney.
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    Re: 07-10-07 Pixar Disappoints Again...NOT!

    Agreed. Nice article.

    I know first hand that the Cars cars are still selling like hotcakes... they were selling like
    that even before the movie came out! And yes, it's almost impossible to find the out-of-production

    BTW. when I first saw that picture of Notre Dame in the background (before reading the
    article), I half expected a very small Hunchback or one of the gargoyles!

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