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    Talking The Nine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Back!!!!!!

    OK, this fall I fell head-over-heels in love with a new show on ABC called the nine. It was about 9 people trapped in a bank for 3 days during a bank robbery. Well, ABC killed it shortly after Thanksgiving, and really just left everything hanging.
    I just read that they are putting it back on wed nights starting Aug 1st to wrap some things up, with at least 6 new episodes!!!!
    I am literally on cloud nine (that was a coincidence, i swear!)
    So I wanted to spread the word, in case any of you were fans, so we can at least get some closure!
    I reject your reality, and subsitute my own!

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    Re: The Nine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Back!!!!!!

    Are they just bringing it back to wrap up the series and give it closure, or they bringing it back and continuing it for another season? Cause if they are bringing it back for more seasons, they will have to leave out Tim Daly since he will be in the Grey's spinoff.

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    Re: The Nine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its Back!!!!!!

    I loved the premise of this show and the first few episodes but when they started showing more of their lives after the hostage situation instead of filling in what happened while they were there, I lost interest.

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