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    Exclamation Explanation of chapter-specific Harry Potter threads

    We have decided to break out the Harry Potter discussion on a chapter-by-chapter basis so that you can safely discuss the book up to the point you're at without risk of reading spoilers for upcoming chapters.

    Here's how it works:

    If you have read to the end of Chapter 1, you can safely read/post in the Chapter 1 discussion. If you have read to the end of Chapter 2, you can safely read/post in Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 threads (taking care not to spoil anything for Chapter 1 people!), BUT, if you have only read through Chapter 2, you do not want to read the Chapter 3 discussion, as there will be spoilers there, until you reach the end of Chapter 3 yourself.

    Please respect your fellow readers by not posting later spoilers in earlier-chapter threads. If you feel compelled to do so in the course of discussion. Use spoiler tags to conceal the spoiler!

    If you have reached the end of a chapter that does not yet have its own thread, feel free to start the thread here in the Entertainment forum.

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    Re: Explanation of chapter-specific Harry Potter threads

    Who is we?

    I dunno what chapter I am on, but it's a load more threads

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