I posted something about Disney costuming in San Jose a few months ago. Well, this time around, there was a Disney gathering in Long Beach. This was all for Anime Expo. While yeah, it's a anime convention, there are those of us who share an affinity for Disney movies.

Likewise, I dressed up as Mulan again. My honey got to be the Mad Hatter. (I made his costume, btw! I didn't make mine). Because I took a ton of photos, I have them placed on a separate site, but here are some previews for your viewing pleasure:

Had to post this because everything looks more badass in aviators. That's my honey and my older brother. There's Dreamer81302 in the bg. He lurks around here.

If you seen that episode of The Simpsons, you'd get the joke.

And the off site links:

Mainly princesses!

And mainly Mad Hatter and Alice