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Thread: 1-18-08

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    If you've seen Transformers you know the significance of that date. The infamous "Cloverfield" project that is set to release Jan. 18, 08. So what do you think of all the hoax's and websites and stuff being traced to this huge/secrete movie project?

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    Re: 1-18-08

    Totally cool with another thread being started, but thought you would enjoy this previous thread about the 'cloverfield' project.

    As for my thoughts on it, I deep down wish it was a Lost film (HIGHLY unlikely). I'm sticking with a Godzilla remake or the Voltron film that has been talked about as being it.

    And if its neither one of those, then I would say its going to be a disaster movie entirely filmed with handheld cameras (which means NO ONE in their right mind should sit in the front row unless you want to be nasuated)!
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