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    07 ComicCon

    Reporter’s Notebook: ComicCon 2007

    By C. W. Oberleitner
    July 27, 2007

    Shouting matches, surprise guests, overflow crowds, mysterious deadly bunny rabbits, and, of course, lots and lots of costumed characters, these were just a few of the highlights from day one of the annual geekfest known as ComicCon.

    Day three update includes news of Prince Caspian and WALL*E.

    Read the ongoing story here >>
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    Re: 07 ComicCon

    No effort was made by either the San Diego Convention Center or ComicCon officials to put up directional traffic signs to aid attendees.
    Actually the program had very good maps about where to enter and exit rooms, including Hall H. I was waiting for Lost so I didn't make it to the Paramount presentation to see the mess, but I would blame the minimum-wage convention center employees for not enforcing the rules/lines that were already set up . . . not the Comic-con officials themselves.

    When I did make it to Hall H to camp out for the day Friday, they were enforcing the lines for Hall H which started outside the convention center.

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    Re: 07 ComicCon

    I loved "Raiders of the Lost Arch." I think that's the one where Indy goes after the golden "Temple of the Fries" over in DCA.

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