We're just back from the Disney extravaganza at the Hollywood Bowl. I'll not go into a lot of detail since Tina Gurney did so well in her guest column on MiceAge. Let me say, however, that I was a bag of mucus throughout most of the evening. Conductor John Mauceri is such a warm and engaging personality. The program provided so much emotion and tugs on the heartstrings. The color footage of Disneyland 1955... footage of Uncle Walt singing along to "It's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" with the Sherman Brothers... seeing and hearing Richard Sherman in person... seeing and hearing Fess Parker in person... seeing the film "America The Beautiful" again after nearly 40 years... hearing the music from The Haunted Mansion and Pirates Of The Caribbean played by a LIVE ORCHESTRA!!!... listening to the marvelous Hollywood Bowl Orchestra play so many examples of Disney classic music...

Tell me: What other movie studio has even come close to producing such a distinct and wonderful culture? Only Disney has made this kind of magic.

I will never forget this July 4th celebration. So much of what I love in front of me. The one that I love next to me. The sounds that I love ringing in my ears . Thrilling fireworks bursting above me.

Life don't get no better than this!