Disney Insider - July 6, 2005
Space Mountain Soars Again!

One of Disneyland's best-loved attractions has had an out-of-this-world makeover.
For more than two years, one of Disneyland park's most beloved and thrilling attractions has been under wraps. Hopeful space pilgrims would make the trek to Space Mountain, only to find the doors to Disneyland park's space station closed to the public for renovation.

At long last, on July 15, 2005, Space Mountain will reopen to transport travelers to the outer reaches of the galaxy. Will it be worth the wait? The Insider sat down and got the scoop from Imagineer Chrissie Allen, who worked on the refurbish - and who has personally embarked on dozens of test flights on the attraction. She let us in on everything that's new, improved, and out of this world about Space Mountain.
The improvements at Space Mountain have gone far beyond sprucing it up. Chrissie tells us, "There are all kinds of changes, from the front door to the exit." When Guests arrive for their journey into space, they're now greeted by a brand-new mezzanine with new plantings and a landing strip. The changes aren't just pretty; they help the attraction tell a new and exciting story, she explains. "We're calling it Space Station '77, in homage to the opening year. At the front door, there's a graphic that shows what Space Station '77 looks like from outer space, and it's really a cool image. The corridors have been completely redone. We're trying to say that you're entering the space station, and when you get on the ride you'll know when you're in the launch sequence, you'll know when you're in space, and you'll know when you return."