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The parents of 3-year-old Noah Hockenberry weren't looking forward to shepherding him through Orlando International Airport while dragging the family's luggage.

So for their Orlando vacation they chose a new Walt Disney World program -- Disney's Magical Express -- that allowed them to skip the baggage carousel and walk straight to a free bus that took them to the Pop Century Resort. After checking their luggage at a West Virginia airport, the Hockenberrys didn't see the bags again until they were delivered to their room.

Visitors such as the Hockenberrys rave about the 2-month-old service. But some in Orlando's tourism industry say Magical Express is causing not-so-magical financial distress for cabbies, limo drivers and the other little guys who could always count on the bucks they make from Disney visitors.

Some cab drivers report losing as much as 90 percent of their business, and limo services say business is down by more than a third. There's even evidence that car-rental agencies have been affected.

Then there's the possibility that the new bus service will result in fewer guests leaving Disney property to frequent restaurants, shops and theme parks.

Disney officials wouldn't provide specific figures but said "hundreds of thousands" of guests have already used the service since its debut in May. Those are hundreds of thousands of people who didn't take a cab, limo or rental car from the airport to their hotels.

"The question we ask is how is this going to affect our local community, and we think it's going to hurt," said Randy Terranova, president of 5 Star Limousine Service.

Disney World officials see a brighter side.