View Poll Results: Do you think that Disney could and/or should do a movie rendition of "Candy Land"?

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    Question Disney And Candy Land A Good Combo?

    I got to thinking in another thread in the Disneyland section of MiceChat that I believe Disney could pull off an amazing movie based off of the boardgame Candyland!

    With so much color and so many unique characters (Queen Frostine, Lord Licorice) and sublands (Candy Cane Forest, Gum Drop Mountain) this could be an amazing children's movie! Heck, if done properly adults could like it too! And MAYBE, just MAYBE if the movie was that great and wonderful a land could get added to a Disney park regarding Candy Land.

    What do you guys think?


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    Re: Disney And Candy Land A Good Combo?

    I think if it were to be attempted, ToonTown should start getting nervous. TT (with the exception of RR Car-Toon Spin) is real estate begging to be reclaimed. If you are gonna pander to the little ones to the exclusion of others, at least go all out with attractions. ToonTown has nothing of significant interest--Candyland would be an improvement.

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    Re: Disney And Candy Land A Good Combo?


    I voted unsure and here's why:

    If Disney opted to do a Candyland movie, it would be captured perfectly if drawn in the classic Disney style. I would hate to see Pixar take it over and turn it into another CGI mess... nothing against pixar, but I really miss the hand drawn movies.
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    Re: Disney And Candy Land A Good Combo?

    Sounds interesting. Good idea Joe. But I don't think I'd want to see a movie about Candy Land that's animated. I think it would look a lot neater if it were live action, ala Pan's Labryinth (sp?), Narnia, Neverending Story, etc. If they did it that way, the movie would be really cool and so would a land (bye bye Toon Town!) at Disneyland.

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    Re: Disney And Candy Land A Good Combo?

    I really don't care. There was a CandyLand movie a couple years ago on DVD.
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