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    Re: HALLOWEEN...from Rob Zombie

    Just saw the film Sunday and loved it. First and foremost when it comes to this movie is that you do have to separate it from the Original. There is John Carpenter's version and Rob Zombie's version. Though I loved both movies, the problem comes with the Character of Michael Myers. Michael Myers in the original was the boogeyman. He was a Great White shark. Cold dead eyes, no emotion, the perfect killing machine. His soul purpose was to kill. But with all the sequels. Michael Myers started to become hokey. The Jason of what was a wonderful first vision. Halloween became the Batman of it's genre. But like Batman, it needed a re imagining to save the franchise.
    I loved the whole supernatural killing machine the original made of Michael Myers. Rob's version changed that vision for me and made me had to separate the two. In the new version, Michael has a human face (He stills wears the mask but he seems more human). You see more of the events that creates a psychopath. You actually feel sorry for him. Though this makes a very interesting story but takes away from the Michael Myers I'm used to. Other than that, I love it. Still doesn't beat The Devil's Rejects as one of my favorite films but shows the growth that Rob makes with each and every film.

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    Re: HALLOWEEN...from Rob Zombie

    I was dying to see this film, but I found it to be overall pretty disappointing. It wasn't scary or suspenseful in the slightest. The main characters were all so annoying I was glad that they died. Malcolm McDowell seemed embarrassed to be a part of such a craptastic film. The only thing that saved it for me was the gratuitous nudity.
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    Re: HALLOWEEN...from Rob Zombie

    It was not a good movie, IMO. I usually hate horror movies, because i get nightmares etc. But i found most parts of this movie funny.. is there something wrong with me if i am laughing and everyone else is sitting there wide-eyed watching? I had seen the older ones, and this one i don't think measured up to the hype it recieved before release. I didn't like how it ended either, what a waste of money.

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