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    The curse of the WDCC

    One of the things I have been collecting over the years is WDCC pieces from The Electrical Parade and The Nightmare Before Christmas. As many of you who collect these pieces know, , most of them aren’t cheap and the best place to get many of the pieces are from e-bay. Now over time, many of the pieces go down in price from their original retail cost, but there are 3 pieces out there that I need which are doing the opposite. Lock, Shock, and Barrel originally sold for $50 each, but they are now selling for about $200 each.

    Humm.. which sounds better… rent + groceries or a new figurine to complete the set? With these last 3 pieces my set would have been complete, but the people in charge of the WDCC pieces peered into their crystal ball, saw that I was near completion, and said ‘we can’t have that’ and proceeded to release not one new piece this year, but 4!!!!! One of the pieces is even in limited release til December 07. ARGH!!!!!! The piece in question is the werewolf who’s retailing for $175. Also released were Corpse Kid ($50), a new Jack Skellington ($160), and The Halloweentown Fountain ($150).

    Anycase, thanks for letting me vent.
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    Re: The curse of the WDCC

    Put them on a Christmas or birthday list!
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