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    Underground video game takes aim at Disney

    I didn't see this posted anywhere..

    Los Disneys, a violent underground video game that depicts Walt Disney World as the capital of a futuristic evil empire, is back. The game had a brief run as a free Internet download in the mid-1990s before being relegated to hacker history. Now, Los Disneys' creator has decided to update and redistribute the game, again for free. Disney ignored the game the first time, and refuses to talk about the update, which depicts commandos shooting their way through the Magic Kingdom and mixing it up with beloved icons Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.
    Source: Orlando Toilet Paper Sentinel

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    Re: Underground video game takes aim at Disney

    I'm not sure if the game is worse or one of the videos found on the website. It's a video titled "Teens Terrorize WDW" and it's under the second page of the 'Main Street Cinema'. I think the video is mainly Disneyland but it shows kids climbing on the 'partners' statue and thrashing props on IASW. It's really more sad than anything. Not sure how long it's been on youtube but I've never seen mention of it before.

    Sad people have to take so much joy in destroying things for no good reason. As far as the game, it just looks silly and I'll stick to the Wii.
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    Re: Underground video game takes aim at Disney

    Quote Originally Posted by WDW Monorail View Post
    "Source: Orlando Toilet Paper Sentinel."
    You sure it wasn't the Weekly World News Philadelphia Inkwaster?

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