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    Shopgirl by Steve Martin

    If you ever thought of Steve Martin as a loud mouthed narcissistic comedian who got his start at Disneyland- then you've never experienced the Steve Martin present in his writing. The accomplished actor, comedian and spokesperson for our very own 50th- is also a brilliant modern writer and satirist. His recent book, "Pleasure of My Company" was a soft, subtle look into the mind of someone who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. Previously he has written a few award winning plays but his first book, "Shopgirl" is coming to the big screen. I really encourage you to experience his writing and invite you to preview the film trailer.

    Shopgirl Trailer

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    Re: Shopgirl by Steve Martin

    I've loooong loved Steve Martin for his mind and his writing. LA Story is still one of my favorite movies. He's a wonderful satirist!!

    Shopgirl was a very good little book. I can NOT wait for the movie....has many of my favorite actors in it.....and when I read it, I pictured Steve as the older savior guy. Perfect casting, I think. I love Jason Schwartzman.

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