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    'Hannah Montana' Historic Hollywood home up for sale

    Another Hollywood landmark is put up for sale:

    KTLA-TV's iconic home in Hollywood goes on the block

    Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times
    The former Warner Bros. building on Sunset Boulevard.

    The Tribune property, where the first talking motion picture was filmed in 1927, also houses production facilities.

    By Roger Vincent,
    Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
    August 30, 2007

    The historic former Warner Bros. studio on Sunset Boulevard, now occupied by television station KTLA-TV Channel 5, has been put up for sale by Tribune Co. amid a wave of high-stakes real estate investment in Hollywood.

    No price has been set for the block-size property at the southeast corner of Sunset and Bronson Avenue that also houses Tribune Entertainment and Tribune Studios. In recent years, other studios and historic properties in the neighborhood have sold for millions of dollars as investors race to take part in Hollywood's resurgence.

    A real estate expert who asked not to be identified because he may become involved in the bidding process valued the property at about $175 million. Nearby Sunset-Gower Studios, the former Columbia Pictures headquarters, sold this month for more than $200 million.

    KTLA occupies the prominent Colonial-style mansion facing Sunset that was built by Warner Bros. in 1919.

    City officials expressed hope that the property would remain entertainment industry-oriented. Several historic properties in Hollywood are being turned into condos, apartments and shops.

    Television shows filmed at Tribune's production facilities on the property -- but separate from KTLA -- include "Judge Judy," "Judge Joe Brown" and "Hannah Montana."
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    Re: 'Hannah Montana' Historic Hollywood home up for sale

    Well then, Heil K(i)TLA!

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    Re: 'Hannah Montana' Historic Hollywood home up for sale

    oh gees not another one, first spagetti factory now this!!!! why cant we just save historical places, why???

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    Re: 'Hannah Montana' Historic Hollywood home up for sale

    Quote Originally Posted by ksejr1 View Post
    oh gees not another one, first spagetti factory now this!!!! why cant we just save historical places, why???
    It's just up for sale, there's been no announcement that it's being demolished.

    It could very likely be purchased by another entertainment industry giant and continue to be used just as it has been, for film and television production. Studio facilities in Hollywood and other LA locations have been bought and sold numerous times since the motion picture industry began.

    Check this site out for all sorts of cool info on film & TV studio property histories:

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    Re: 'Hannah Montana' Historic Hollywood home up for sale

    So is this where they do the news?

    What will happen to the Hal Fishman news-room?

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