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    Question WDW attraction posters

    Does anyone know where you can get old school WDW attraction posters? I've found posters of newer attractions in Downtown Disney stores, but I'm looking for a couple extinct attractions, specifically 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (surprise, surprise). And not the DL one with the giant squid in the window, which is extremely cool, but is not something I got to see in real life, so putting it on my wall would be cheating.

    The monorail one with the Contemporary in the background is also terrific.

    Both cop the original design of Disneyland posters, but WDW was the park I grew up with, so the DL nostaligia doesn't work so well on me.


    I've checked eBay and official Disney sources.

    On a related note, while Googling for this stuff, I found this guy's site, which is very cool. I particularly like the old Tomorrowland poster with the white fountain towers.

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    Re: WDW attraction posters

    I'm not certain that these posters are available for sale at WDW anymore. I have a Haunted Mansion poster and the Monorail one, both purchased at Art of Disney a few years ago.

    I was at WDW a month ago and checked the poster selection at Art of Disney in both Epcot and Downtown Disney and did not see any of the classic attraction posters.

    ....and the link to the faux attraction posters is terrific! Thanks!

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    Re: WDW attraction posters

    That's consistent with what I've found. I tried calling the stores and employees seemed a little confused by my request (I doubt some of them are old enough to remember 20,000 Leagues anyway), so I wasn't 100% sure that I'd gotten good info.

    Oh well, thanks for the response. I guess I'll keep checking eBay from time to time.

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