Posted today on Veritaserum:

The Order of the Phoenix movie jetted past $900 million at the worldwide box office this weekend, becoming only the second film in the franchise to do so (along with Sorcerer's Stone). Its current tally stands at $911 million.

What does this strong showing mean for the movie series? First and foremost, it shows that Harry's popularity has not only been sustained over the past ten years, but has actually increased -- a rare feat for a movie series. Secondly, it means that neither we nor WB will be hearing any nasty whispers that the series is on its profit deathbed ( la Spider-Man), which could've led the studio to pump less money into HBP and HPDH. OOTP's success is good news for Potter fans, as we can confidently expect movies six and seven to be made with the same quality and care as one through five.