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    Critics Draw Criticism for Promoting New ABC Shows

    In an ad campaign to promote their upcoming primetime lineup, ABC has solicited comments from writers and editors of several major entertainment magazines including Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide and People. This has drawn criticism from those who feel it compromises the magazines' objectivity.

    The promos, available on YouTube, feature the mag writers commenting about the new shows Cavemen, Big Shots, Dirty Sexy Money and Private Practice. The comments are generally favorable. If there were any negative comments made, they clearly were left on the editing room floor.

    That did not sit well with Roy Peter Clark, vice president of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. “The basic question is: Do the editors have a free and independent and uninhibited voice in these programs?” he said. “I would not agree to do something like this unless there were some kind of prenuptial agreement that stated that I was free to express — and they were required to air — any negative critiques I might have of the new programming.”
    “We participated in the ABC special because our staffers are TV experts offering commentary,” wrote Suzy Berkowitz-Weksel, a spokeswoman for Entertainment Weekly, in an e-mail message. “Their remarks are entirely separate from whatever reviews our critics later deliver.”
    Sources: New York Times and YouTube
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