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    Possible NEW Disney Park?

    Ahaha. Gotcha!

    But anyways, I probaly got the wrong forum.

    As of most of my recent life, I've had a dream to be an Imagineer, and to be responsible for a whole new Disneyland park. I'm figuring now is the perfect time to start preparing, especially since I'll have years to get my idea ready for Imagi-Nations, if it is still running. I'm a new Freshman at High School, and I know that you guys can always give suggestions for improvment. So what DO I have planned? Well location is the first thing, I am majorly aiming for Australia.

    So, what is the "style" of my idea? Take a look at Disneyland California and Disneyland Paris to get some thoughts into your head. Cept theres a Tomorrowland. But is there a new land? Sorta! Frontierland has become Expeditionland, and features rides like Legend of Thunder Mountain (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but something like what happened to Space Mountain when it went to Paris), and the Rivers of Exploration. Fantasyland is in a similar style to Disneyland, which I have "Imagineered" one new ride so far; Belle's Amazing Adventures. Tomorrowland has really no plans so far, cept maybe a far advanced Rocket Rods ride, with banked curves, and slow down sections for great views, as well as LIMs.

    Information on various rides:

    -Disneyland Railroad-
    This classic ride uses 3 locomotives. The Walt Disney locomotive; being the passenger locomotive, the Tony Baxter locomotive; being the boxcar locomotive (who was responsible for Disneyland Paris), and a new kind of locomotive unseen at a Disney park before. A locomotive looking more like this: I was always fond of these kind of trains, especially Tank Locomotives.

    -Legend of Thunder Mountain-
    The ride is mostly the same, but new up to date technolgy can make the ride longer, and better than all of the other Big Thunders!

    -Br'er Rabbits Laughateria-
    Remember Mosters Inc. Laugh Floor? Well, this kind of attraction gets the touch of the classic Disney film Song of the South! In here, Br'er Rabbit takes you into his ol' Briar Patch, and guarantees you'll find your Laughin Place here!

    Lands and their planned rides:

    Main Street USA
    -Disneyland Railroad

    -Jungle Cruise
    -Tarzan Treehouse
    -Enchanted Tiki Room
    -Pirates of the Carribean
    -Currently being "Imagineered" ride, maybe themed after Steve Irwin and his stunts. Could use inspiration.
    -Disneyland Railroad

    -Legend of Thunder Mountain
    -Tom Sawyer Island
    -Mark Twain Riverboat
    -Sailing Ship Columbia
    -Haunted Mansion (themed after a ghost town)

    Critter Country
    -Splash Mountain
    -Br'er Rabbits Laughateria
    -Country Bear Jamboree

    -King Arthur Carousel
    -Dumbo the Flying Elephant
    -Casey Jr. Circus Train
    -Storybookland Canals
    -Mad Tea Party
    -Alice in Wonderland
    -"its a small world"
    -Peter Pans Flight
    -Belle's Amazing Adventures
    -The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    -Currently being "Imagineered" Bobsled coaster; A sister of the Matterhorn. Could use inspiration.
    -Disneyland Railroad

    -Space Mountain: From the Earth to the Moon
    -Nascar Speedway
    -Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
    -Rocket Rods?
    -Star Tours
    -Currently being "Imagineered" ride that could use an idea. Could use inspiration.
    -Astro Orbitor

    But your question is, why am I posting this? Well, as all of you are Disney park fans, theres one great thing to do, and thats to see exactly what the public wants, or desires in the places they go to! All credit, can and will be given properly.

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    Re: Possible NEW Disney Park?

    First, Snowflake, welcome aboard!

    Second, what kinds of entertainment would you have there? Parades, attractions, stuff like that. And you would have to have a Toontown land as well.

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    Re: Possible NEW Disney Park?

    Parades are to be there, and I don't think there will be a Toontown. Sure its a nice place for the kids, but I never quite got into it.

    Attractions I'm still thinking of, I'm going to WDW this December, so I can get some ideas when I go there.

    And also, some people tend to tell me I should make a park of my own, rather than a Disney park. I think it'd be nice, but I have no idea. D:

    And thanks alot for the welcome. :3

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    Re: Possible NEW Disney Park?

    ooh! imagi-nations! my friend and i are entering for 2008. i think it may be 3 of us, but we're already working on our idea. it's lots of fun!

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