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    Re: Nude tweens should not be "Disney" branded

    Quote Originally Posted by sorceress1986 View Post
    but if you're gonna make a "moral" statement, do it across the board, Disney.
    "Moral" not a factor (unless you think it's implied) in their decision or official statement. On the original issue - they handled it simply months ago:

    Statement by the Walt Disney Company Regarding the Depiction of Smoking in Movies

    The Walt Disney Company is aware of recent studies suggesting a relationship between the depiction of smoking in movies and increases in adolescent smoking. While these studies do not demonstrate that all depictions of smoking in movies have an effect on adolescent smoking, they do raise important concerns about the depiction of smoking in movies. The Walt Disney Company shares these concerns and actively looks for ways to limit the depiction of smoking in movies marketed to youth. Our practices currently include the following:
    • Disney has determined not to depict smoking in movies produced by the Company that carry the Disney brand, except in limited circumstances.
    • For movies produced by Disney in the United States for the Touchstone label, Disney strongly discourages the depiction of smoking in movies primarily marketed to youth and seeks to limit the depiction of smoking in movies marketed to mixed audiences.
    • For movies produced outside the United States or where Disney's influence over the content of films is limited (such as movies co-produced by Disney and movies produced by others that are distributed by Disney), Disney seeks to discourage depiction of smoking where we believe it is appropriate and practical to do so.

    In seeking to limit the depiction of smoking, Disney must also consider the creative vision of directors, actors and others involved in the creative process. We regularly and clearly convey our concerns regarding the depiction of smoking to the creative community, but we also seek to respect their views when they honestly believe that the depiction of smoking is important to a movie. We expect our practices to evolve as we gain more experience in resolving the tensions between the concerns over the depiction of smoking and the needs of the creative process. Effective October 26, 2004
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    Re: Nude tweens should not be "Disney" branded

    How do you get that stuff ALIASd? Jeez.

    And wow, this is two issues that have been overtalked about in one.

    One: The Disney Channel thing, how t is all live action now. Or idiotic.

    Two: The Vanessa Judgens scandal.

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    Re: Nude tweens should not be "Disney" branded

    Quote Originally Posted by sediment View Post
    Zoom, right over your head.
    Sorry, Yoda.

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    Re: Nude tweens should not be "Disney" branded

    Quote Originally Posted by ALIASd View Post
    "Moral" not a factor (unless you think it's implied) in their decision or official statement.
    I don't know-I think it's implied. Or kids these days are really stupid (Pardon the Gregory House-like comment). I don't understand why you would take up a habit because you see someone, anyone, do it in a movie. My mom loves John Travolta. I was watching Grease before I understood half the dialougue. Plenty of smoking in there, never thought to take it up. Watched I Love Lucy since the day I was born, almost literally. Since the show was sponsored by Philip Morris, cigareetes are shown in virtually every scene...still not smoking. I even just read that Philip Morris discontinued sponsorship because the target audience was NOT SMOKERS in a time where even doctors smoked. Just makes me wonder what has changed.
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    Re: Nude tweens should not be "Disney" branded

    So Vanessa has a new interview with Seventeen magazine. She sheds a little light on the photo scandal and her relationship with Zac Efron. Read part of it here:

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