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    Disney in Talks with Major Internet Content Distributors

    The Disney-ABC Television Group is reportedly in talks with major Internet sites including AOL, Comcast, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo! to broaden its online content distribution. According to Adweek, Disney will announce a major online partnership some time this fall.

    This is a shift from Disney's previous stance of being the sole online distributor of its programming. Deals earlier this year between CBS and online partners AOL, MSN and CNET and an online agreement between NBC and Fox may have convinced Disney that it's not practical to go it alone. Partnering with established Internet sites is being seen as the best way to generate additional revenue by creating combined television and online contracts for advertisers.

    Source: Adweek

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    Re: Disney in Talks with Major Internet Content Distributors

    what are their intentions once these sites are created? are they just doing it for their tv program sites or other sites as well?
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