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    Rush talks Pirates 4 Timing

    Rush talks Pirates 4 Timing:

    While talking to Edward Douglas about reprising his role of Sir Francis Walsingham in ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE, the sequel to the 1997 film starring Cate Blanchett, Rush brought up the possibility of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4...

    Full article:

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    Re: Rush talks Pirates 4 Timing

    I hope they do make a Pirates 4 in the coming years.

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    Re: Rush talks Pirates 4 Timing

    I hope they don't. POTC3 was attrocious beyond belief.

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    Re: Rush talks Pirates 4 Timing

    Loved POTC3... but do hope they wait for a while...

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    Re: Rush talks Pirates 4 Timing

    Ugh. After the craptasticness of World's End, the last thing I want to see is another one.

    I can already see it, too.

    Pirates of the Caribbean: Monkey's Uncle.

    Avast! Join Jack, Will, Elizabeth, Barbossa, Gibbs, Norington, that stuffy English guy who killed Elizabeth's dad, the Kracken, Davey Jones, Tia Dalma, those two funny little pirate guys, those other two funny little English Navy guys, the parrot and his owner who can't speak, the seven Pirate Lords, Captain Teague, Bootstrap Bill Turner, Governer Swan, Sao Feng and of course, Jack the Monkey! As they all return for another swash buckling, five hour pirate extravaganza! It has been ten long years since Will sailed off into the sunset, but now, because of a mysterious loophole in the Flying Dutchman's Doomed Captain of the Moment contract, Will has a chance to become mortal again! All he must do is search out and find the legendary and mysterious Coconut Monkey of Life! Lost for centuries and rumored to be hidden in the lair of the very Captain Hook himself, the Coconut Monkey has wondrous magical powers, but peril awaits those who seek it without the help of every character seen in their series thus far, and thankfully everyone has come back from the dead to help Will again! The biggest Pirates film yet, come enjoy the adventure as Will, Jack and everyone else ever seen sail from the Caribbean around Cape Horn, through the South Pacific with its dangerous hordes of Hula Warriors, to the coasts of Asia, then on to the Middle East and further on to darkest Africa, then back again before returning to Africa, but this time by sailing east, then from Africa to Europe and England, then back to Tortuga again, then a brief stop in Cuba so Elizabeth can pee, then on to Costa Rica, then north to Santa's Workshop at the pole, then south again to Spain, then back to the Caribbean before finally searching out Captain Hook's (played by Christopher Walken) lair in the Lost City of Atlantis!

    If you liked Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, then you'll love the even bigger, even longer and more complicated Pirates of the Caribbean: Monkey's Uncle!

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