Article from the Calendar Live section of The Los Angeles Times available at - 7/12/05
Disneyland to get star treatment
The sidewalk star, one of Hollywood's most venerable perks, is going corporate.

Long available to celebrities with $15,000 and a project to promote, a version of the iconic symbol will be given for the first time Thursday to a company: Disneyland is receiving the pink terrazzo-and-brass star in honor of the Anaheim theme park's 50th anniversary. In the wings are two other commercial-oriented stars: one honoring the Hollywood trade publication Variety for its 100th year in business and the other honoring its rival publication, the Hollywood Reporter, for its 75th.

The new stars won't actually be on the Walk of Fame, but their location on private property just mere inches away — in Disneyland's case, in a storefront entryway — position them close enough to enjoy bragging rights. And at $15,000 each, the price tag is a mere pittance for the publicity recipients generate at the unveiling ceremonies and every time a passerby looks down.