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    Who makes this junk?

    Dalt Wisney Pictures Presents
    A PLAGIARISM Animation Studios film:

    I guess you can call this the welfare edition of Ratatouille.
    Seriously, who makes these ripoffs? Can't Disney send their lawyers after them?

    It also makes me wonder if the producers of such quality productions realize the impact producing such items has on the environment.

    I wonder if there are other ripoffs in the works like Plaything Story and Plaything Story II, An Insectís Life, Fiends Ltd., Searching for Fisher, The Amazings, DOOR-I, and Plaything Story III.

    Other quality productions in the Wisney/PLAGIARISM line include:

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    Re: Who makes this junk?

    As I understand it, if it's markedly different from the original product, then it's not considered any kind of infringement for some of it's similarities. Of course, it's a fine line their walking in some cases. The cars thing strikes me as having been around for a long time, even before cars. But, yeah, that Ratatoing thing looks way too close to the line.

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    Re: Who makes this junk?

    I hated it when I saw the knock off of Little Mermaid or Disney things as a kid. My uncle would try to pass those off as presents.No!

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    Re: Who makes this junk?

    Lol, I find these funny. I hope no one wastes there time or money on these.

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