Article from Sioux City Journal available at - 7/13/05
Chez Mickey provides high-class cuisine
When Disneyland opened 50 years ago, the food choices weren't that vast. Sure, you could get a good hot dog.

But Asparagus-Speared Ahi Tuna?

Today, that's just one of the thousands of entrees on the menus at the Disney theme parks, cruise line and resorts.

"Guests are getting more sophisticated about food," says Pam Brandon, author of "Cooking with Mickey and the Disney Chefs." Instead of instantly grabbing a burger, today's park goers seek healthier choices and often find items they wish they could have at home.

Those recipe requests, in fact, prompted three Disney World cookbooks and, now, have ushered in "Cooking with Mickey." The latest edition is the first to include the California parks and cruise line offerings.