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    Lion King Ticket Prices

    Forgive me for this post being a little Anglocentric, but stick with me - my point is valid in any country.

    I recently was making enquiries into seeing The Lion King in London. London is about 300-some miles away from where I live, and when we visit we try and squeeze as many trips to the theatre into our time as possible.

    This trip, we are taking Nathan Detroit Jnr (up until this point he has been to young to come with us) and, with him being five years old, we were then limited to what we could see at the theatre. It needed to be something that would engage him - which basically leaves LK and Poppins. we have seen both without him and LK was certainly the one that seemes the more suitable and the one that we far-and-away enjoyed the most.

    Anyway, to the point! Currently, top price West End tickets are around 50 (about $100) each. For this we can sit within a few rows of the edge of the stage - our seats of choice. For some reason, The Lion King seems to be the only London show to have introduced 'Premium Seats' (I think that's the name) which basically means that the first 12-15 rows of the stalls are now priced at 75 ($150)!

    This must be relatively new and I have never seen it done anywhere before, but for a show that obviously will appeal to children, this is just plain greedy IMO. There are no concession prices for kids and so a family of four are expected to pay 300 ($600) to see this show.

    And don't get me started on the prices of the icecreams, programmes and merchandise!
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    Re: Lion King Ticket Prices

    Doesn't seem Anglocentric at all.

    But it's supply and demand -- companies charge what people will pay. I wish I could sit in first class when I fly, but I can't. Hard to fault the company for charging what some people are willing to pay for (and believe me, a lot of people REQUEST to pay more to get the special treatment).

    Don't get me wrong - I'm a big hater of corporate gouging and the drive for huge profits. I just vote with my wallet and don't buy.

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