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    Disneyland in the movies

    I have seen a few movies where Disneyland has made a suprise appearance. Like in "That Thing You Do" where one of the band members disappears right before a TV appearance and he shown hanging out with some Marines at Disneyland.

    In the 80's movie "Gleaming the Cube" Christian Slater's adoptive brother is found hanging dead in a hotel room by the maid after she goes and opens the blinds to the windows that looks right out at the main gate and the Monorail goes by.

    In "Escape form L.A." the last main action sequence takes place at what used to be Disneyland.

    Are there any other that you've seen?

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    in the parody of a james bond movie "spy hard" some of the scenes are shot at disney (when him and this lady are eating at a restauraunt someone orders a soda and the straw is one of the mickey mouse straws. and during a chase scene they run right by one of the buildings.

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    40 Pounds of Trouble - - The first movie that featured a chase sequence through Disneyland.

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