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    10-09-07 MiceChatters on o-meon

    Disneyland’s Very Gay Columbus Day Weekend

    By C. W. Oberleitner
    October 9, 2007

    It’s beginning to look like what was once called “off season” at the Disneyland Resort is becoming a thing of the past. Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure and Gay Days Anaheim, which fell on Columbus Day weekend this year, all posted huge traffic increases. At one point Disneyland came very near to closing its gates, something that usually doesn’t happen until late November and December.

    Watch the slideshow here >>

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    Re: 10-09-07 MiceChatters on o-meon

    Wonderful pictures!! Thanks!


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    Re: 10-09-07 MiceChatters on o-meon

    Hey am I in those? I gotta watch heheh good seeing you over the weekend again Mister C!!!
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