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    Second S.O.A.R. "Resort Preservation" Petition Qualifies

    Save Our Anaheim Resort Public Statement

    SOAR Asks Council to Abandon Developer's Anti-Tourism Proposal

    Statement from Todd Ament, Co-chair of Save Our Anaheim Resort coalition

    I want to thank the more than 50,000 Anaheim residents who have supported the two SOAR petitions aimed at preserving the Resort District. The Orange County Registrarís official notice today that our second measure has qualified is no surprise. The outpouring of community support for Preservation of the Resort District has been overwhelming. Voters were literally seeking out our petition gatherers so they could sign the petitions.

    The Resort District represents less than five percent of the land in Anaheim, yet it generates more than fifty percent of all city tax revenues. Every single Anaheim resident benefits from these additional city revenues and there is now broad public awareness of these basic facts.

    How ironic that while we celebrate the support of more than 50,000 Anaheim residents, one out-of-town developer is trying to circumvent the petition process and persuade the City Council to place his anti-tourism initiative on the ballot. The developer knows the voters will not support his initiative Ė thatís why he is afraid to circulate it. Yet, he wants the City Council to save him $500,000 and place this obscene proposal on the ballot.

    I urge City Councilwoman Lucille Kring and her two colleagues to abandon their efforts to place the developerís anti-tourism measure on the ballot. The law is clear about how to place a petition on the ballot -- you must obtain signatures from at least 13,500 voters. SOAR did it twice.

    If the developer wants his own proposal on the ballot Ė let him get the signatures. Thatís the democratic way. Donít try to go through the backdoor and try to get the council to do your work for you

    The SOAR coalition is growing daily, and it now numbers more than 4,650 business leaders, public safety leaders, union members, neighborhood leaders and residents. We are looking forward to a public vote on our Resort Preservation petitions and we are extremely confident of an overwhelming victory.
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    Re: Second S.O.A.R. "Resort Preservation" Petition Qualifies

    Shouldn't this go in the propaganda forum?

    Press releases from SOAR hardly qualify as news.

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    Re: Second S.O.A.R. "Resort Preservation" Petition Qualifies

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisaaron View Post
    Shouldn't this go in the propaganda forum?

    Press releases from SOAR hardly qualify as news.
    Ok, how about this from the LA Times:

    Disney-backed zoning measure clears a hurdle

    The petition proposal, which would essentially stop the Anaheim City Council from making land-use decisions about the resort district, is certified by the county registrar.
    By Dave McKibben, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
    October 11, 2007
    A Disney-backed ballot initiative that would essentially strip the Anaheim City Council of the authority to make any land-use decision in the city's Resort District was certified Wednesday by the Orange County registrar of voters.

    A Disney-funded coalition turned in more than 31,000 signatures in August for an initiative that would give voters the opportunity to block housing projects in the tourist district, a move that would give Disney an added layer of protection by letting voters -- not elected city leaders -- determine the fate of such projects.

    Anaheim City Clerk Linda Nguyen said that the registrar had certified 19,788 signatures -- or 15% of Anaheim's voters, enough to place the initiative on the ballot. The group driving the initiative -- Saving Our Anaheim Resort -- claims more than 4,600 members.

    The initiative is among several in Anaheim that were spurred by a developer's proposal to build 1,500 homes, including low-cost units, near a site that Disney has long planned as a third amusement park.

    Coalition officials say housing does not belong in the 2.2-square-mile Resort District, which was created in 1994 specifically for tourist uses.

    Group leaders tout a study that shows the district covers less than 5% of Anaheim's land but generates 54% of the city's general fund revenue.

    "Without this initiative, the citizens of Anaheim will have their precious asset at risk," said Todd Ament, the coalition's co-chair and president of the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce.

    "We don't think it's wise to leave it in the hands of three people on council. It's important to protect the long-term health of the resort."

    The City Council will decide Oct. 23 whether to adopt the ordinance, place it on the ballot or continue the matter.

    Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle, who campaigned for the initiative, said it was a necessary measure. "This resort plan was put in place over 10 years ago, and if you divert from that plan, I think it's an important-enough decision to ask the voters." he said. "To get this amount of signatures to put something new on the ballot shows a keen level of awareness of the voters on this issue."

    If the initiative is on the June ballot, it will join a Disney-backed referendum that asks voters to overturn the council's decision to permit the Resort District housing development.

    The housing issue has become a flash point in the city, dividing business interests that support Disney and housing advocates and some religious leaders who argue that the city -- and the tourist district in particular -- have a pressing need for low-cost housing for workers.

    The two Disney-sponsored ballot measures could join a developer-backed measure -- the Anaheim Voter Empowerment Initiative.

    That measure would give voters zoning control over the 53-acre parcel where the third theme park is planned. Last month, the council directed staff to begin a process that would put the initiative on the ballot.

    "We fully support the citizens' right to vote on all development in the commercial recreation area, including property owned by the Disney Corp.," said Frank Elfend, a consultant to SunCal Cos., the developer of the controversial housing project.

    If the empowerment measure wins council approval, it would save supporters the time and expense of gathering about 14,000 signatures to get it on the ballot.
    The Three Stooges, er, city council members, need to start listening to the majority of the residents of Anaheim and stop wasting the taxpayers money on this issue.
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    Re: Second S.O.A.R. "Resort Preservation" Petition Qualifies

    Thanks for the update Darkbeer. Always appreciate the news
    on what's happening with these ballot measures. And of course
    news about how several members of the City Council are continuing
    their inept service to the city of Anheim, it's residents, and it's
    millions of visitors. It's a good thing the City of Anaheim doesn't
    have a real crisis on it's hands with the type of people in it's
    City Hall.

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